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THE LAST MARINE: BOOK ONE is T.S. Ransdell's vision of a future American dark age where all civilians serve at the pleasure of the government. In this dystopian tale Joel Levine, a journalist/historian for the government, is given the task of creating a history to remind people why the bygone American warrior culture was dangerous to them. To do so, Levine is given government VIP status to interview the last known veteran of the disbanded United States Marine Corps, Sean Harris, incarcerated for the remainder of his life for murder and treason.

In THE LAST MARINE: BOOK TWO US Marine Sean Harris returns to the United States from the Sino-American War. Only he finds his country, his government, no longer has a place for him, nor the United States Marine Corps.

TLM book 2 copy.jpg

If America loses the Culture War, what happens to America’s defenders?

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